Our Highlights

This is the tribute to our environment  and to our motherland India via Swach Bharat Abhiyan from our president Mrs. Seema Seth


One of our major achievements for providing help and several supports to those who are in need.


ICC Meeting

The Internal Complaint Committee laid to solve the internal complaints of the workers, employees etc. regarding sexual harassment.

President's Message

In India, one in two children is victims of physical or sexual abuse. These stats are about to screw away.

If we talk talk about older people, 64 percent of the elderly are victims of economic exploitation. Women working at home often suffer from abuse. Even now people are victims of exploitation by their friends  or by their familiar peoples.

Many times sufferers are so innocent that they do not realize that they have been exploited. This is because in these cases, often people who are known, are criminals

Do you or someone you know is a victim of exploitation? Do not be silent. Just ask for help today

Seema Seth